Zeigeist: Division Six

Always on Time

From clues in the aftermath of Xambria’s attack on the RHC headquarters, Division Six learns that the traitorous Lady Inspectress Saxby was scheduled to meet some of her accomplices at a specific train landing, in the city of Vendricce at a very precise time. 

Digging for Lies

With the Mayor was dealt with, while Division Six investigate an arms fair they get wind of a black market deal for ancient weapons smuggled into the city as “archeological artifacts.” After seeing the arms dealers accompanied by a golem-like the ones Macbannin was creating, the PCs trace the weapons to their source Flint’s own Pardwight University. With the help of Doctor Xambria Merideth, the PCs locate a ziggurat in Risur’s high bayou. There an archeological excavation was slaughtered after they accidentally released an ancient trapped monster named Sijhen. . Sijhen is from a plane that mainstream arcane lore does not have any evidence. He united his consciousness with Xambria's and hid in her body. 

Looking for a way back to his home, Xambria /Sijhen discovered a scroll detailing a ritual to control a seal also from the archaeological excavation. Eventually, Xambria / Sijhen discovered that Lady Inspectress Saxby, the mayor, and several other NPCS were a high-ranking member of a secret group known as Obscurati.

While in police custody, Xambria/Sijhen infuses local reality with the energy of some far realm, driving people mad and giving her a chance to reach the scroll in Saxby's office but was defeated. 

The Dying Skyseeer

Division Six is called upon to investigate a murder at the Danoran consulate. The trail leads to fey terrorists, wand smugglers, mechanical men, arson, organized crime, and abuses of local workers by their industrialist bosses. Everything is tied to a foreign doctor, Wolfgang von Recklinghausen, who stumbled upon evidence of a sinister plot by Reed Macbannin, a district mayor, to capture the souls of workers who die in accidents and use them as fuel.

When they arrive to arrest the mayor, an earthquake strikes—the result of a manufacturing accident in the subterranean factory on the mayoral grounds. They recover evidence from a subterranean laboratory guarded by golems powered by oil made of living souls

Island at the Axis of the World

On their first official mission, Division Six stumbled upon a plot to assassinate King Aodhan during the maiden voyage of Risur’s first steam-powered battleship, the RNS Coaltongue by his sister, Duchess Ethelyn of Shale. he duchess flees and, with a small army at her side, she conquers distant Axis Island, home to a Danoran fortress but is eventually defeated and the island handed back over to the nation of Danor.


As a newly graduated cadets, Division Six is tasked with performing a quick series of missions for several important patrons of the RHC while their uniforms and badges are prepared. 

  • Edwardo Rinaldi: Reports suspicious activity a warehouse near his curio shop.
  • Miss Berrybang:  The pixie alchemist suspects her charitable contributions to a local orphanage is being sold instead of used. 
  • Natalia Denisovna: The secretary to Lord Boris Yanovich wants to impress her patron that the RHC can be trusted. 
  • Countess Cassandra Doutreval:   Several of her clockwork servants are no longer functioning as designed. 



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