Character Generation

  • Characters are built using the point buy system, 25 points, with no stat lower than 10 (before racial mods) , two Traits, and 125gp in gear. 
  • Races – all core races are allowed plus the Aasimar, Tiefling.
  • Characters also have one Zeitgeist theme feat. This Zeitgeist feat is an extra addition and is required for all characters.
  • No evil alignments and due to the nature of game play of the characters belonging to the Constabulary, CN doesn't work either. I can't see Jack Sparrow belonging to a police department.
  • All characters receive a Soldier's uniform for their free clothing, and a free suit of Parade Armor (light armor, +3 armor, +5 max dex bonus, ACP -1, Arcane Fail: 15%, 20lbs). Constables with any pride do not wear Hide armor. 
  • Character classes and spells from Occult Adventures & Ultimate Intrigue will not be used.
  • The Deva and Eladrin from the Zeitgeist players guide will not be used.
  • There is no Free Common language, players start with the language of their nation (Risur, Ber, Danor, etc). All players must speak Primordial, either as natives to Risur or taken as an additional language. 

PFS Rules

Since Pazio does a wonderful job play testing the Pathfinder Society Play rules, that which is allowed by PFS is allowed. That which is banned by PFS is likewise disallowed. 
Determining what is PFS legal and what is not.


Clerics & Druids

As per the Zeitgeist, there are three branches of faith for divine casters. The Clergy, Seedism, The Old faith.

  • The Clergy – Clerics can select any two domains, and a one handed (exotic or martial) non-eastern melee weapon as a favored weapon. 
  • Seedism – Clerics can any two domains and either a one handed eastern weapon (exotic or martial) or long/short bow as a favored weapon.
  • The Old Faith – All druids, spell casting Rangers, Hunters, and Shaman fall under this category. 

Character Generation

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