Coinage Names of Risur: 
Platinum Pacts (named from the pact of King Kelland with the Unseen Court) 
Gold Crowns 
Silver Shills 
Copper Pence

Coinage Names of Danor: 
Platinum Octians (octagon shaped coin) 
Gold Hexigans or “hexes” (hexagon shaped coin) 
Silver Quadrans or “quads” (square shaped coin) 
Copper Trigans or “bits” (triangular shaped coin)

Coinage Names of Crissillyir: 
Platinum Centios or "cents" 
Gold Decios or “decks” 
Silver Primos or “primes” 
Copper Hooks (named from the Hook of Triegenes)

Coinage Names of Drakr: 
Platinum Keeps 
Gold Towers 
Silver Spires 
Copper Picks


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